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Bet on Volleyball Online

Volleyball is not always what springs to mind when people think of sports betting. However, it might be a niche market, but the games are still very exciting to watch and wager on. With the superior odds that we offer at Spin Sports, getting familiar with the game is definitely worthwhile.

There are 2 types of Volleyball, which categorised according to the courts they are played on: Beach and Indoor Volleyball are played on sandy outdoor and hard indoor surfaces respectively. The rules are the same, but in the Beach version there are only 2 players on a team while there are 6 players a side for Indoor games. In addition, the Beach and Indoor courts measure 8x16 meters and 9x18 metres respectively.

The objective is to keep the ball in the air, and land it on the opposite side of the net to score points. If the other squad commits a fault (an illegal action or an error) the team will also get points. Each match consists of 5 sets, and the side that wins the most sets (by being the first to ear 25 points) is the overall victor. If there is a 24-24 tie, squads need to win with a 2-point margin.

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Sports Betting Options

Both Volleyball formats are featured in the Olympics, and there are also several championships held annually or every 2 years. You can punt on plenty of them with us, placing Moneyline and Points Spread Bets on who will win, or on Totals where you will be predicting that the number of sets played will be more or less that a pre-set number. Specific Proposition bets, such as who will score first or most in a game, are also usually available at our sportsbook.

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Choosing Winners in Volleyball

Remember, this is one of the most social sports that is played today, so good teamwork is very important. When you are deciding whom to back, look at how the teammates interact and the strength of the overall squad, not individual players. For hard court games, 6 good athletes are more valuable than 1 or 2 stars. You should also check when a side last competed; often there is very little regeneration time between events and this can cause form to vary. In addition, as always, check injury reports, overall recent performance, line-up changes and insider opinions before you make any sports betting decisions at our trusted online and mobile sportsbook.


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