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Adrenalin Infused Wins With Rugby Betting

Kiwis are pretty serious about Rugby, whether they are playing, watching or punting on it. There are 2 international codes, Union and League, and while not every country is invested in both, New Zealand certainly is. No matter which one you prefer, or if you are like us and you love both, you’ll find the top wagers right here at Spin Sports.

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Rugby Union Betting

The original variation of the sport, Rugby Union games are played in more than 100 countries around the world. Naturally, New Zealanders are very proud of their incredible All Blacks squad, however there are also national teams in China, South Africa, Australia and France, to name just a few countries.

The game originated in England, and consists of 2 40-minute halves. Depending on the specific event and league, there are 13 to 15 teammates on the field. The volatile nature of the sport, and the fast pace of the matches, mean anything can happen during play. For that reason, live sports betting has become especially popular.

Points are scored with Tries, where players are able to ground the ball in the in-goal area. These earn 5 points, as do the Penalty Tries that are awarded by the referee when a Try would have been scored if an opponent’s foul play had not interfered. After a Try or a Penalty, teams are allowed to attempt a Conversion (kicking the ball over the goalposts) to score 2 extra points.

You’ll always find great Union punting options with us, including tournament and game winners, Totals and various Propositions such as who will score the first Try. Some of the most exciting events are the Guinness Premiership, the World Cup, the Six Nations, and the Challenge Cup. Don’t forget to look out for exciting local matches at our sportsbook too.

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The Basics of Rugby League

League and Union games have very similar sports betting options. In both formats players also earn points by scoring tries, but over the years several differences in the rules have developed. This includes the fact that in League events, there are always 13 players a side.

The League originally split from the Union in 1895, over players’ pay disputes, and has become a firm favourite in New Zealand and Australia. In fact, although there are teams in over 70 countries including France, England, North America and Papua New Guinea, the 2 premier events are the State of Origin (between New South Wales and Queensland) and the National Rugby League (NRL).

The NRL involves 16 clubs from Australia and New Zealand playing for the Premiership title. Besides the NRL and the State of Origin, you can also bet on the League World Cup that is held every 4 years (the next one is in 2021) and other events such as Super League matches in France and England. With Spin Sports, you will always find both Union and League action, and to ensure you never miss out, you can bet on your mobile too.


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