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All The Best Ice Hockey Bets

Ice Hockey goes back at least to 1773, when the earliest known mention of the game was made, and possibly before that. The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917, and is now the world’s premier league. That makes it the perfect place to start learning about the game, and to begin sports betting at Spin Sports!

Once you are familiar with the NHL, you can put money on other Ice Hockey games that we offer here at Spin Sports New Zealand. Because this league, which includes teams based in Canada and the United States, is so prestigious, you’ll often see upcoming European talent recruited to the National Hockey League.

By the same token, outgoing NHL stars frequently move over to national squads in Germany, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries in Europe. Watch for news of moves in either direction, as they can give you insight into team performance and help you make sound sports betting decisions.


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Ice Hockey Betting Advice

When you’re deciding how to punt on NHL or other games at our sportsbook, remember how important teamwork is in this sport. The way a side works together is more important than the performance of an individual athlete, no matter how stellar.

Look at how the team has done recently, check for injury reports, replacements and new players, and the current schedule of play. Often, events are scheduled quite a long way from each other and squads have to spend a long time on the road. This can lead to serious fatigue, which can affect the athletes’ form.

Let’s hope it’s coast to coast!
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Sports Betting Options Online

At the end of each NHL season, the illustrious Stanley Cup, which is the oldest sporting trophy in the world, is awarded to the playoff champions. The league’s 31 teams (24 from the United States and 7 in Canada) are all always eager for this honour.

Place Moneyline sports bets to predict the straight-up winner of each game, or of the season as a whole. You can also put money on Puck Lines, which are the Ice Hockey equivalent of Point Spread Bets. The favourites and the underdogs will be handicapped and credited with points respectively, before the start of play, to even out the field a little.

Totals, where you just need to say if the final total score will be more or less than a pre-set amount, are also very popular. Since they’re a little easier than predicting a winner, they are perfect for novice punters. Of course, as you get more familiar with Ice Hockey, you can expand your range to include some lucrative Prop bets, such as who will score first and who will record the most points.

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