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The Intriguing World of Golf Betting

Golf can seem a little slow-paced at first, but don’t let yourself be fooled. The rules are complex, and a lot of skill is required to do well. You’ll find a range of sports betting opportunities for the 4 biggest tournaments of the year (known collectively as The Majors) right here at Spin Sports.

The Majors consist of the US Masters, held in the 2nd weekend of April, the PGA Championship, the US Open and the British Open, which is held in the 3rd weekend of May and June, and on the week of the 3rd Friday in July respectively. We also offer punts on several other highlights in the golfing calendar, including the World Championships and other PGA-run events.

Get the most competitive odds on who will win each tournament overall, where each competitor will place and specific Prop bets. You can also put money on who will make the cut (earning a certain score so that they are not eliminated in the tourney’s final 2 rounds) and individual match-ups. The match-ups simply involve predicting which of 2 players will finish ahead of the other, and are a good way to start off your Golf sports betting career.

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The Basics of Golfing

Golf has been going since the 15th century, when it originated in Scotland. The aim of the game is to get balls into a series of 9 or 18 holes using a selection of different-weighted clubs and making as few strokes as possible. The initial shot is intended to move the ball as far along as possible, and a Driver club is used to do this. Shorter shots, when the ball is closer to the hole, should be made with other clubs that golfers choose themselves.

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Making Sound Golf Betting Decisions

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re deciding how you want to punt in this game at our sportsbook. Player rankings, odds, recent performances, weather conditions and the design of the course and even the clubs they tend to use can all have an impact on how well an athlete does on a particular day. Grass levels are varied to make hitting the ball more difficult, and competitors may deal with this well or badly. This will impact how they are able to handle different courses.

The hazards or obstacles that have been included in the course design include bunkers, which are sand traps designed to catch different kinds of shots, and bodies of water such as rivers and lakes. Specific rules apply to how balls may be played in these areas, so you need to think about how well players will be able to perform within those parameters. As you spend time sports betting on Golf, you’ll be able to predict which players have the best chance of coming out on top, and with our online and mobile sportsbook, you’ll never miss out on a chance to place a winning wager.


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