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The Best Online Boxing Betting

Boxing is a very popular sport and has created a few legendary sporting moments that will never be forgotten. New Zealanders enjoy watching the world’s best boxers spar against each other as much as anyone else, especially when they have money riding on the fight. Of course, the best odds and markets in the country are right here at Spin Sports.

This sport doesn’t really have a season, so you’ll always find an interesting match to punt on; in fact, if you checked our sportsbook you’d see some appealing markets just waiting to be explored. Before you start placing Boxing wagers, however, allow us to tell you a little more about them.

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Single Boxing Bets

Both pre-game and live punts are available at our online and mobile sportsbook. Pre-game stakes are placed before the event, while their live counterparts are placed during the actual match. Since Boxing is so fast-paced and anything can happen at any given moment, live options are especially popular as the odds shift as the action unfolds.

You can put money on who will win each round, or the overall match, as well as on Totals. Totals work a little differently here than in other sports such as Football or Basketball. Instead of saying whether a final score will be above or below a certain figure, you need to predict whether a fight will end before or after a pre-set round.

Proposition bets on specific events are common too and once you are familiar with different fighters, they are a great way to win. They might involve specifying whether the final round will be odd- or even- numbered, or whether the event will end in a TKO, a Knockout, or a Decision. Prop bets on the referee deducting a point from one of the contestants can also usually be made.

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Boxing Accumulators

For an extra shot of adrenaline and bigger wins, our sportsbook offers Accumulators. Also known simply as multiple bets, these are single slips containing more than one wager. All odds and potential returns are multiplied together, meaning your risk and your possible rewards are both greater than with single bets. Once you’ve gained some experience and insight, these can be very lucrative.

For all Boxing wagers, remember to check opponents’ recent performances, height, weight and reach. Their individual sparring styles are also important; consider how they will fair against each other. Just because a fighter can defeat someone who uses one boxing style, doesn’t mean they’ll be as lucky with different moves. This is one of the things that makes the sport so exhilarating to watch!


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