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Betting on the Unique Sport of Bandy

As a winter sport, Bandy is the second-most popular in the world to play, watch and bet on. Second only to Ice Hockey, it is recognised by the International Olympics Committee but there are currently no plans to include it in the Games. Luckily, there are plenty of other events to keep players, fans and punters happy, and at Spin Sports, keeping you happy is our aim. At our sportsbook  you’ll find Bandy as one of our available sports betting options.

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An Introduction to Bandy

The origins of the game are unclear; England, Russia and the Netherlands all had pastimes that might have led to the development of Bandy. Over time, the sport has been influenced by Field and Ice Hockey, along with Association Football.

The action takes place on ice surfaces, with players wearing skates, which is also what happens in Ice Hockey. However, instead of a puck, the bowed sticks and small ball of Field Hockey are used. The playing surface is the same size as a Football pitch.

Each game has 2 45-minute halves, and each side has 11 teammates. The objective is to land the ball in the goal that is guarded by the goalkeeper. The ball is moved with the bowed sticks, and teams can try to intercept passes or tackle their opponents to get it under their control.

A second variation, Rink Bandy, developed over time and is also officially recognised. This version follows the same rules, but it is played on a surface the size of a usual Ice Hockey rink, and there are 5 or 6 players per team rather than 11. Playing time is also divided into either 2 halves of 30 minutes or 3 thirds of 20 minutes.

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Betting on Bandy

Kiwis can of course find the best markets for betting on this game, right here at our online and mobile sportsbook. We cover other events, but we suggest you start with the Swedish Elitserien, which is the most established league in the world. When you feel comfortable with this, you can put your knowledge to use and wager on other events.

The Elitserien regular season starts in late October, with 14 teams playing a total of 24 games each. Those who finish in the first 8 places make it through to the semi-finals. From there, a series of knockout matches is used to determine the winners.

The sides that finish 13th and 14th play against the top 2 squads in the second-division Allsvenskan. The winners of this relegation Round Robin make it through to the Elitserien the following year. At Spin Sports, you can bet on who will win that or any other match, with Moneyline or Point Spread punts.

Totals are also common; where all you need to do is say whether the total final score will be over or under a pre-set figure. Of course, you can also place an outright bet on who will be the Elitserien league champions. At our sportsbook, we try to offer live as well as in-play betting as much as possible – adding even more excitement to the safe, secure and regulated wagering we provide.


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