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American Football

Betting on American Football can be a lot of fun, and really rewarding too. The sport might be unique to the United States, but that doesn’t mean Kiwis can’t enjoy all the action and sports betting opportunities it presents. For the best markets, odds and payouts look no further than Spin Sports.

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The Basics of American Football Explained

The key institutions in American Football are the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (ACAAF) at the university level, and the professional NFL, or National Football League. Since there are no minor leagues in American Football, the NCAAF is considered the second-tier division and rising stars are often seen here before they go on to the NFL.

The season lasts just 4 months a year, with NFL teams playing 16 games (8 at home and 8 away) and NCAAF squads participating in just 12. The short season means you need to watch players very carefully. Every performance counts as you try to predict who will win the NFL’s Super Bowl and the NCAAF’s College Football Playoff at the season’s end.

The NCAAF has more than 100 teams, where the NFL has just 32.Which means you’ll have more wagering opportunities but will also need to do a lot more research before you put any money on American Football, check the league standings, injury reports and player replacements. Teamwork is important, so check how the athletes interact with each other too.

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American Football
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American Football
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Leading American Football Markets

Since these games are so popular and profitable, there is a lot of interest around them. This includes some great sports betting options. You can wager on who will win each game or the entire season at our sportsbook. When you punt on individual games, you can choose between straight Moneyline and handicap-based Point Spread bets.

At Spin Sports, we also offer Over/Under or Totals stakes, along with Reverse bets. Here, you predict who will take the top 2 spots in the NFL. The order doesn’t matter, putting the odds a little more in your favour. If Bets, are when the second stake in a 2-part wager is only triggered when you win the first, this is lower risk but very popular.

As you gain more experience and knowledge, you can challenge yourself with in-play and accumulator sports betting. In-play bets are placed and adjusted during an event, allowing you to react to what is actually happening on the field. With accumulators, all your stakes are put onto one slip and each of them must win for you to be paid out. That means the risk in this type of sports betting is much greater, but since all returns are multiplied together, so are the potential rewards!


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