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Mobile Sports Betting at Spin Sports

At Spin Sports, our aim is to make online sports betting safer, easier and more accessible. For anyone wanting the convenience of betting at home or on the go, our mobile platform gives you all the functionality you need on your smartphone or tablet.

With us, you’ll never miss out on a wagering opportunity and there has never been a better way to bet online.

The Largest Range of Sports Betting Markets

Our sportsbook features an enormous range of betting markets, and just some of the sports you can wager on from your mobile include:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • eSports
  • Boxing
  • MMA

We’ve also got some great niche markets for you to put money on too, and whether it’s entertainment, financial or political betting you’re after, it is all here.

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Sports Betting Types

When betting on your mobile the first step is knowing what your wagering options are, and what each bet type means. At Spin Sports we’ve got a wide range of different wagering options for each and every market:

Fixed Odds

The most popular type of bet is a Fixed Odds bet, and as the name suggests, the odds are fixed at the time of placing, and you know exactly what you’ll get out if you are a winner.

Futures Betting

If you’re looking for bets with the best odds, Futures are a good choice. Different bet types offer varying odds, and Futures often offer a lot of value. This is due to the event wagered on being many weeks – or on some cases months – away. These are standard Fixed Odds bets and they can be placed on anything from the winner of the Super Bowl or the player that will emerge triumphant at Wimbledon. They are placed well in advance of an event, hence their name, and their odds will shift depending on how likely the chance of them being correct is. The further in advance you bet, the better the odds will be, and once your wager has been placed, its fixed, and fluctuations won’t matter.

Pool Betting

Pool, or Pari Mutuel betting is also rather popular at our sportsbook and it’s a huge hit with horse racing fans. Unlike Fixed Odds bets where you know exactly how much you’ll be paid out if you win, Pool bet payouts are only known when the event closes, and no more wagers are accepted. This is because bets are all collected and pooled, and after a processing fee has been charged the remaining funds are split with the winners. This means you have no idea how much you’ll win until the completion, and makes mobile sports betting even more exciting.


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Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are very common in horse racing and they are a great choice for anyone with a bit of experience. Parlays involve combining 2 or more bets onto a single slip, and work well with horse racing as there are always a number of races run on the same day. An example of a Parlay in horse racing would be predicting a place or the winner for the first 3 races of the day. Instead of placing 2 or 3 individual wagers, a Parlay sees all wagers grouped together.

With these multi-bets every bet added multiplies the payout amount, making any winnings far more significant than a single one. The only catch is that every bet in a Parlay must be correct in order for it to be a winner, so if 3 are placed and only 2 are correct, the entire wager is null and void.

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under bets are also known as Totals betting and here, a set combined score for a match is given by the bookmaker. Fixed odds bets are then accepted on whether or not a total score will be over or under a certain amount. For example, a sportsbook could set a total of 50 for a Rugby match that’s taking place between the All Blacks and Australia. You can then choose to bet that the score will be under 50, or over 51, and will be a winner if your prediction proves correct!

Ready to get the best odds on all your favourite sports? Sign up with us and wager whenever and wherever you choose.


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