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Hitting It Off With Table Tennis Betting at Spin Sports

Table tennis in India may not be as popular as cricket or badminton, but it is a sensation among the youth of our country. A number of schools and colleges have extensively included the sport in their curriculum as more students are showing great progress with time and practice. Today, table tennis has caught on like a wildfire in states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujarat paving way for the Indian Men’s team to rank 10th in the world, and Women’s team ranking 22nd in the world.

Table Tennis is one of most elite sports played in the country and any sport that runs tournaments and matches are bound to attract bettors. Table tennis betting is a fun and exciting way to make the game more interesting. A number of websites in the market are dedicated to online betting and one such leading betting website is Spin Sports! Spin sports provides a safe and secure experience for online betting with up to 70+ sports to place bets on. Read on to know more if you have what it takes to bet on table tennis.

An Overview of Table Tennis betting:

For those of you who didn’t already know, table tennis is also called ping-pong or whiff-whaff and is played between two or four players. The ping-pong is derived from a small, lightweight ball that is struck across a hard table with small rackets and a mini net. Very similar to tennis, except it’s all played on a table. 

Some of the most prominent international tournaments of Table Tennis are the World Table Tennis Championship, the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) World Tour, the Table Tennis World Cup, and of course, the Olympics. Continental tournaments include the European Top-16, The European Championship, the Asian championship and the Asian games.

As an emerging sport, it is slightly difficult to plan a strategy for your table tennis odds. If you already follow the sport, you’re already set to participate in table tennis betting. But if you’re a rookie, it is important to know the basic rules of the game. According to the US Olympic committee the following are the basic rules and scoring of table tennis:

  • Two or four players, on each side of the table
  • Players get two alternating serves
  • Each game is played for 11 points
  • If a game ties at 10-10, players need to win by 2 points
  • The match is played on a best of 5 or 7 basis, so the player who wins 3 or 4 matches first is considered to be the winner.
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Useful tips to bet on table tennis – The online way

If you’re an experienced bettor, you will know that the lesser the attention, the better the chances of winning. While a majority of bettors are focused on cricket, football and basketball, the popularity of betting on these sports are so high that bettors are likely to lose more than they make. This is why table tennis betting can be highly beneficial for someone if they take the time out to understand and learn the sport’s betting strategies. 

Here are some table tennis betting tips and tricks that will come in handy when you decide to give online betting a shot:

  1. Study the sport :

Before committing to any betting action, it is absolutely vital to research about the sport you’re betting on. This goes without saying because the very action of betting comes from having confidence on what you’re betting on. Learn the a-z about the gameplay, the serving and returns, lets, scoring and other factors of the game before getting on a table tennis live betting scene.

  1. Find the right betting book:

Once you’ve studied your sport, it’s time to find the right betting book or website. While there are many betting apps and websites, Spin Sport is your go-to sportsbook when it comes to table tennis betting. The site provides vast options on sport betting with up to 70+ sports and great daily offers and bonuses. It also has a super cool inPLAY feature where you can get on a live table tennis betting and place your bets on a team that is already winning, instead of playing the guessing game before the match starts! That’s right, it’s a game-changer.

  1. Study the tournaments and matches:

Tournaments and matches are usually where top players give their best shots so this is where you will have to study your players. Research on the players and learn everything about their performance streak. This way you will know who to place your bets on and how seriously they contribute to their game.

  1. Understand your betting options:

Betting is more than just putting money on a player or a game. There are many types of bets and you will need to understand all of them before you start your betting adventure. Spin Sports offers a vast variety of betting options from parlays, props, over/under, teasers, future betting, fixed betting and so on.

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Spin Sports: Your Betting Guru

If we haven’t already said it, Spin sports is your all-in-one sportsbook! It’s safe, provides special features that no other website provides and also gives you a free bet upon registration. Furthermore, it is licensed by MGA and has great customer support. Just download the app and register or sign up. Fill out your details, choice of currency, make your first deposit and you are set to bet. Spin sports is fully equipped to make sure you have a great betting experience. You can bet on it!

Table tennis betting FAQs 

How to win a bet in table tennis?

While there is no sure way to win in money betting, you can increase your chances of winning by learning the sport, players and tournaments. If you’re in a close touch with the game, you are more likely to know which player is consistent and which team is strong. You can also increase your chances by understanding the different types of bets. Spin sports offers many different types of betting like fixed betting, future betting, over/under and more. With spin sports, you can also opt for the inPLAY feature which enables you to bet on a live match, making it so much easier to bet on a team that is already winning.

How do you bet on table tennis?

Betting on Table tennis is the same as betting on any sport. All you need is a stable internet connection, sign up at Spin Sports India and start placing bets. Navigate the betting markets, select Table Tennis as the sports and browse the wide range of betting events and incredible odds on offer. Select the market you want to bet in, it will populate the betting slip, and you'll be able to enter the stake amount you want to bet. To confirm and place the bet, click confirm and off you go!

What is point betting in table tennis?

Since table tennis is a best of 5 or 7 sport, it is a short but intense game, and the odds can fall either way. Points betting is a type of bet where your win or your loss is not determined till the very end of the match. The excitement of being oblivious to the probability of a win (or loss) can be nerve wrecking and intense. Whether the bet is based on a point spread or a total, it isn’t known until the end of the game. So if you feel strongly about your predictions, it’s a good idea to take points bets and wait till they come true!

Is there a time limit in table tennis?

Since most players had a defensive way of playing, a single game of table tennis used to take hours before reaching a conclusion.  This is why a new rule called the expedite rule was placed to set a time limit of 10-15 minutes for a single table tennis game. This is what makes table tennis betting so exciting! A 10 to 15 minute ride where the odds can go in any direction!


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