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Supreme Football Betting with Spin Sports India

The word ‘football’ can refer to several different games played with a ball, but what we’re talking about is association football, where two teams of eleven players each try to win by kicking a ball to score a goal. Whether you know it as football or soccer, it’s the world’s most popular sport, with over 250 million players in more than 200 countries. When it comes to football betting, Spin Sports India has it all, whether it’s a showdown between national teams, an English Premier League La Liga matchup, or even a game in our very own Indian Super League.

Spin Sports India is a great choice for football betting online. Not only does the site offer a huge range of football lines across leagues, its football odds are widely considered to be among the best in the business. In addition, Spin Sports India’s inPLAY option offers punters live odds, which means anyone who wants to bet on football in real time has access to up-to-the-minute information with which to place their bets. Nothing interesting on the football field? There’s also live betting, a casino, and esports. All of which to say, it’s no surprise that when it comes to football betting, there’s no better choice than SpinSports India.

Score with Football Betting and Competitions

At the professional level, football tournaments tend to be of two kinds – international tournaments, between national sides, and league tournaments, between clubs. These league tournaments can be either between clubs in the same country, or clubs in different countries.

The largest and most prestigious tournament in football is, of course, the FIFA World Cup. Held every four years, nearly 200 teams compete for one of 32 spots in the final competition. Fun fact: since the first World Cup in 1930, the Indian national team has qualified only once, in 1950. The next edition of the World Cup will take place in 2022 in Qatar, with defending champions France as the favourites, followed by Brazil, Germany, and Spain.

As for league competitions, on the international level the five most important leagues are the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s La Ligue, and Germany’s Bundesliga. You’ll recognize several of the clubs that play in these leagues – Manchester United, Juventus, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint-Germain, to name a few. While the leagues mentioned above are domestic leagues, clubs in them also compete in the UEFA Champions League tournament every year.

Indian football doesn’t yet have the following cricket does, the Indian Super League is trying to change that. Founded in 2013, the 11-team league has the official goal of growing football viewership in India. The ISL season is six months long and the teams compete for the ISL Trophy. In the league stage, the competition is carried out in a round-robin format. At the end of the season, the top four teams proceed to the play-off stage, and the winner is crowned the ISL Champion. Since the ISL’s inaugural season in 2014, a total of four teams have won the ISL Trophy. ATK, which recently merged with Mohun Bagun to form ATK Mohun Bagun, is the club with the most wins, having won the ISL Trophy three times. Chennayin FC takes second place with two wins, and Bengaluru FC and Mumbai City round out the winners’ table with a win each.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of action on the football field, whether that’s internationally or closer to home. Another good reason to choose SpinSports India? Whether you’re looking for World Cup odds (men’s or women’s), EPL odds, or ISL odds, SpinSports India offers punters a range of betting options across leagues and tournaments.

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How to bet on football with Spin Sports India

With Spin Sports India, punters have access to a mind-blowing variety of betting options. No matter what your betting preference, you can find something that makes sense for you. Football isn’t a very high-scoring game, which means that a straight-up Win/Draw/Win bet might make more sense than an over/under bet, where you bet whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under a given figure. Other bets you can make? Which team or player will score first, whether one team will record a shut-out, or even if someone might score a hat-trick.

One of the best things about the beautiful game is that once those ninety minutes start? There’s no way of telling which way the game might go once the players take the field. That’s one of many reasons why Spin Sports India has unveiled In-Play, which lets punters modify their bets during the game. There’s even a separate In-Play section on the site, with a constantly updated Live Odds tracker.

Spin Sports India isn’t just about football betting, though. You can also bet on cricket, basketball, or horse racing. Not in the mood for traditional sports? Choose between a live dealer, a casino, and even esports.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Football Betting

How to bet on football games?

The first step when it comes to football betting online is to choose which Spin Sports India, offering punters a huge range of betting options (over seventy sports) and highly competitive odds (widely considered among the best in the industry). The final step is to choose which kind of football you want to bet on – a Champions League or international match, or even an ISL contest – and what kind of bet (money line, straight bet, or proposition) you’d like to make…and then actually make the bet.

How do football odds work?

Decimal Odds are commonly used in India and the easiest to understand. The decimal odds number is the amount won for every rupee bet. The number tells you the total payout rather than the profit made. The larger the decimal odd number, the less likely that team is to win, and therefore the riskier your bet. So for instance, if you bet Rs 100 on Team A (4.00) to win against Team B (1.3) and they did, you would get Rs 400 (and make Rs 300 profit). If, on the other hand, you’d bet Rs 100 on Team B and they won, you would get Rs 130 (and Rs 30 in profit).

What does over/under betting mean in football?

An over/under bet is when you bet whether the total number of goals scored in a game will be above (over) or below (under) a certain number. It is one of the most common bets in sports. So for instance, imagine that Spin Sports India offers an over/under number of 5 on a football match between Team A, the current league champions, and Team B, who are only a few losses away from relegation. Given the difference between the two teams, it’s reasonable to expect that Team A would run up the score, so you might bet on the match going over, and you’d win if Team A and Team B scored more than 5 goals combined, regardless of who won. If on the other hand teams are playing who are closely matched, or that don’t have a history of high-scoring games, then betting under (i.e. that less than five goals would be scored) may make more sense.


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