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Sport betting FAQ

The following are some of our frequently asked questions with regard to online betting and sport betting.

Is online betting legal in India? 

Yes, online betting is absolutely legal in India. While the Indian government prohibits offline betting and gambling and deems them as punishable offenses that amounts to fine or imprisonment or both (except in the case of horse racing or lotteries, where the traditional betting format is legal), there are no laws regulating online betting for sports. This is why there are so many apps and websites for sports and money betting in the market. 

Is Spin Sports reliable?

Spin Sports is a leading Indian betting app, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) which guarantees a safe and secure online betting experience. We provide excellent customer service, a super responsive mobile site and great signup bonuses. We also offer a free bet of up to 20,000 INR up on registration! Additionally, the Spin sports website offers unmatched deposit and withdrawal options that are the best among Indian betting websites. It is home to over 70+ games and sports such as football, cricket, table tennis, badminton, horse racing, boxing, MMA, baseball, soccer, and so much more. We even provide a wide variety of betting options like teasers, props, accumulator bets, fixed and future betting, over/under betting, each-way betting, etc.

How to bet on cricket? 

For cricket betting, all you have to do is get on the Spin sports website and select the “Sports” tab from the top of the homepage. Select “Cricket from the drop down menu and you will then be able to find all the tournaments, matches or leagues displayed with the associated waging markets and odds. Choose your preferred option and then choose the odds that you decide to wage on. Upon selecting an odd, it will add on the Bet Slip in the right of the screen. Enter the amount you want to bet on and click on "Place Bets" to confirm.

How to win in sports betting?

There is no sure way of winning when it comes to sport betting. You can, however, increase your chances of winning by researching the sport and the players. It’s important to know which sportsman is consistent and which tournament attracts the most bettors. With Spin sports, you can also avail amazing features like the in-play feature, which enables you to bet on or adjust your bets on a live match. With this feature, you can bet on a team that is already winning, if you’re unsure about your prediction. 

Another great feature of spin sports is the Spin special feature that lists down daily offers and deals and some top odds on specific outcomes. This feature provides great risks which give greater rewards and excitement! 

How sports betting works? 

Sports betting works as a simple bet or a gamble that you place on a sporting event. Sport betting is done by placing your bets on a player’s performance or on the total of a match score and winning money if your prediction comes true.

To further explain how sports betting is done, let’s take for example a game of cricket. Before the tournament takes place, sportsbooks will establish markets on different outcomes that could take place in a match. Bookmakers set odds long before the sports event takes place. You put stake money on the event or market, and wait till the game is finished to see if you’ve won or lost. If you win, the stake money is multiplied by the odds placed and the money made minus your initial stake is your profit!

How to understand odds in sports betting?

To place bets on a sports event, you will first have to understand the odds established by a bookmaker or a sportsbook. Primarily, odds are displayed in three typical formats:

American (+/-), Decimal,and Fractional.

American odds are of the plus/minus format. These odds are popular in the United States. The favourite odds are shown with a minus (-) sign that indicates the amount you have to wage to win $100, while the underdog odds are shown with a plus (+) sign, that indicates the amount you won for the $100 that you waged.

Fractional (British) odds are when you see two numbers separated by a slash. From this fraction, you can predict and calculate the probability of a given event. The probability is calculated from simple formula: Probability = B/ (A+B) For example;

¼ will be calculated as 4/ (4+1) = 0.80 which means there is a 80% probability of the event happening.

4/1 will be calculated as 1/ (4+1) = 0.20 which means there is a 20% probability of the event happening

Decimal (European) odds are a simple alternative of the fractional format and are commonly easier to understand. While decimals are more common in exchanges, most betting websites do give you the option to view odds in the decimal format. The formula for the decimal format is as follows:

Winnings = (Odds x stake) - stake. For example:

4.0 will be calculated as (4.0 x $10 stake) - $10 = $30 winnings

8.0 will be calculated as (8.0 x $10 stake) - $10 = $70 winnings

Ultimately, all three types of odds are legit, and it is only a matter of preference, when you opt for betting odds you are comfortable with. Spin sports offers all three types of betting odds so you can opt for whichever you understand best! 

Is customer service always available?

Yes, our dedicated customer service is available for you 24x7! You can contact us through email or through a live chat with our representatives. Spin sports is popularly known for its friendly and supportive customer service and super responsive mobile website.

What is a free bet?

A free bet is a practice or promotion done by sportsbooks or bookmakers to encourage and attract players to bet on sports. The most common promotions are sign up bonuses or money-back offers on particular races. Such promotions are known to increase customer loyalty and acquisition. On Spin Sports, we give out generous free bets to new customers upon registration and with many of our promotional offers.

How do I know a bet has won?

Once you have won a bet, the amount is automatically credited to your account. To make sure, go to the bet slip at the top right of your online sports book home page. Click on Settled and open bets and click on the “won” section. Details of your winning streak shall be displayed in this section and you can determine if you have won a bet!

Do I Need Wi-Fi or Data to Login?

Yes, Spin sports is an online sportsbook and requires a stable internet connection in order to login and accommodate online sports betting. Furthermore, with features like In-Play and live streaming, a good functioning wifi or data plan is absolutely vital.

I can’t login to my account.

If you’re unable to login to your account, kindly check your internet connection first. A faulty wifi or data plan is most likely the reason behind this. Once you check this, refresh the web page and you should be able to login again. If not, kindly reach out to our customer service.


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