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He Shoots, He Scores: Basketball Betting at Spin Sports

In the 120 years since it was invented by Canadian PT teacher James Naismith, basketball has gone from a way for his students to exercise indoors during winter to a cultural juggernaut and one of the most popular sports in the world. Although basketball – a five-a-side game where the goal is to score points by getting the ball in, you guessed it, a basket – is primarily a North American sport, in recent years its reach has expanded and now players from over 30 countries play either in the NBA, the top North American league, or in the EuroLeague in Europe and the pan-American Basketball Champions League Americas. No wonder then that basketball betting is becoming more and more popular.

Spin Sports India is a great choice for anyone who wants to bet on basketball. Not only does the site offer one of the widest ranges of online basketball betting options, SpinSports India’s basketball odds are widely considered to be some of the best in the business. In addition, since Spin Sports is part of Spin Palace, a twenty-year veteran of the online betting space, punters can rest assured that any transactions they make on the site will be secure.

What You Need To Know About Basketball Betting And Tournaments

The two most popular basketball betting markets are NBA basketball and men’s college basketball.

The NBA has thirty teams and plays an 84-game regular season before proceeding to playoffs, which are played knockout style. Currently, there are 29 American and 1 Canadian team in the NBA, although many teams also have players from other countries. The most successful teams in NBA history are Los Angeles and Boston, with seventeen championship wins each, followed by the Golden State with six.

The WNBA is smaller than its masculine counterpart, with twelve teams rather than thirty. However, as women’s basketball grows in popularity and viewership, it’s becoming an attractive betting option for punters. Spin Sports India offers punters both men’s and women’s basketball odds at the professional level.

But what if you’d rather college basketball? Don’t worry, Spin Sports has you covered there, too. The NCAA men’s basketball playoffs, otherwise known as March Madness, takes place in – you guessed it – March every year. It’s a single-elimination tournament that features 68 teams from the top division of college sports, and is one of the most popular college sports events in the US. UCLA has the most March Madness titles with eleven, followed by Kentucky with eight and North Carolina with six.

One of the best things about basketball is the sheer number of betting options punters have. With 30 teams and one of the most grueling seasons in professional sports, there are NBA games happening pretty much daily during the season. And this is even more true for college basketball – with the large number of teams in Division I, thousands of games are played every season, giving punters a staggering amount of college basketball betting options to choose from.

When it comes to betting, while there are similarities with other popular sports, there are some NBA basketball betting tips you should keep in mind when picking matches to bet on. First, the season itself is grueling, with many back-to-back matches, extended road trips, and long flights, all of which can cause a normally strong team to underperform. In addition, don’t forget to take into account basketball’s considerable home court advantage, which can make a big difference. Finally, make sure to do your research beforehand – a favorite may lose a game they’d win easily in different circumstances because they’re resting key players or are plagued by injuries.

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How to bet on basketball with SpinSports India

While cricket is still the most popular sport to bet on, basketball is fast catching up. It helps that if you know how to bet on cricket, then you know how to bet on basketball.

Like in cricket, the most popular forms of basketball betting are moneyline bets, spread bets, and over/under bets. SpinSports India offers NBA odds and college basketball odds on all three kinds of bets, as well as less common ones like parley bets and teaser bets.

Let’s take a quick look at the most popular ways to bet on basketball. A moneyline bet is the easiest to understand – it’s simply betting on who will win. A spread bet means that the favoured team will have to win by a certain number of points (the spread) for the punter to win, assuming they’ve bet on the favourite. If they’ve bet on the underdog, they need to either lose or win by less than the point spread for the punter to win. Another popular kind of bet is total or over/under bets. Basically, punters bet on whether the total number of points scored will be over or under a certain number.

If none of the basketball matches going on on a given day are appealing, SpinSports India also offers a huge range of other sports to bet on, including esports, as well as a live dealer and even an online casino.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Basketball Betting

What is a spread bet in basketball?

A spread bet in basketball refers to the points spread, and is a way to decrease the gap between the team considered more likely to win, known as the favourite, and the team considered most likely to lose, known as the underdog. It means that if you bet on the favourite, they must win the game by at least the number of points in the spread for you to win the bet. If on the other hand you bet on the underdog, they must either win or lose the game by less than the spread for you to win the bet.

How to bet on basketball?

When it comes to basketball betting, the most crucial decision to make is which sportsbook you’re going to use. Spin Sports India is widely considered to have not only the widest range of betting options. Once you’ve claimed your free first bet, the last thing you have to do is choose which market you’d like to bet on, whether it’s college ball, NBA, or the women’s game, and the kind of bet you’d like to make – a straight bet, an over/under bet, or a spread bet. And that’s it, you’re done!

What is three-way betting in basketball?

Three-way betting is more common in non-US sports, where draws are more common. With three-way betting, you bet on the match having one of three outcomes – a win for team A, a win for team B, or a draw. It’s still possible to have a three-way bet for US sports – if the teams have the same number of points at the end of the regulation period, then it is considered a draw for betting purposes. Three-way betting does have some risks, however – if you bet on a win/draw and your team goes on to lose in overtime, then you lose the bet.


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