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All you need to know about Badminton betting in 2021

When Indians are not raving over cricket leagues and tournaments, their next best preference is Badminton. Badminton gained its sudden popularity in 1980, when Prakash Padukone made history by becoming the first Indian to win all England championships and ranked No: 1 in the game. Fast forward to 2015, Indians saw Saina Nehwal become the first Indian woman to rank No: 1 and P.V. Sindhu became the first Indian World Champion and winner of an Olympic silver medal. Needless to say, there has been no turning back since.

Badminton in India today, is a prominent sport that is not confined to a badminton court. While few play for some simple outdoor fun, others go for some exciting online badminton betting. Badminton betting like any other sports betting, is a part and parcel of a gaming experience. Bettors place their bets on their preferred team or player to spice up the game while also making a little extra bucks on the side.

Since offline betting is rightly illegal, bettors indulge in online badminton betting for a safer experience. This is possible thanks to a number of betting websites in the market. Spin sports is one such leading online betting app that offers bets on up to 70 different sports including badminton live betting!

Badminton Betting: Game format and important Tournaments

The game of badminton involves a racquet and a shuttlecock that is usually played in singles or doubles, although it is not uncommon to play with a larger crowd. Scores are made by striking the shuttlecock with the racquets in a way that causes the opponents to drop or miss striking it back. 

The top badminton tournaments include the BWF World Championship, All England Open Badminton Championship, India Open, and BWF Super series among many others. 

International Matches:

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee that currently consists of 176 member nations across the world. It regularly organizes international badminton tournaments such as:

  • World Championship
  • Olympic games in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee
  • World Junior Championship
  • Thomas Cup
  • Sudirman Cup
  • BWF World Senior Championship

Grade 2 and Grade 3 Tournaments:

Grade 2 tournaments, also known as BWF world tour was formerly held from 2007-2017 which consists of the Super Series Premier, Grand Prix Gold, Super series and Grand Prix.

Grade 3 Tournaments also known as the Continental Circuit consists of three levels with different world ranks as International challenge, International series and Future series.

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Placing your Bet on Badminton Players and Matches

If you’re interested in online badminton odds, the first thing you’ll have to do is find a secure platform. While most of the sports tournaments have strict laws against offline betting and gambling, there are no laws against online betting, which is why you will find a number of betting websites and apps in the market.

For easy live badminton betting, Spin sports is equipped with a lot of great deals and daily offers. For starters, they provide a free bet of up to 20,000 INR on your first deposit! To join them, all you have to do is download the app, fill the basic sign up or registration form where you will be needed to fill out a username and a unique password along with your personal information like name, email address, country residing in and contact details. 

Once you verify your email address you will be asked to fill out details like address and choice of currency. The final step is accepting the terms and policies and then you’re ready to start your badminton betting action!

Spin Sports - Your ultimate entertainment suite:

Along with a ridiculously vast variety of sports to bet on, Spin sports offers competitive odds, unique deposit and withdrawal options, highly responsive mobile website, and is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). That’s not all, the app also provides ample types of betting options like single bets, future bets, parlays, props, teasers, and many more with the option of betting in American, Fractional or Decimal odds!

Spin Sports offers a unique inPLAY section, where players can bet on live matches. What’s great about this is that you can conveniently bet on the team that is winning in the live match, instead of blindly placing a bet on a team before the match starts! Talk about convenience! The site also has a Spin special feature on the left side of the Live Odds page that shows all the daily offers and specials that players can benefit from.

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Badminton betting - FAQs

How does badminton betting work?

Badminton betting works like any sports betting action. You place your wages on a player or a match and win money if your predictions come true. All you need to do is truly understand the sport and the consistency of the players. However, in most cases badminton may not offer many badminton wages (types of bets) except for the straight bet. This is a simple bet that is placed on a player while predicting his win or loss. Another common bet placed on badminton is the handicap bet. The remaining types of bets depend on what the sportsbook is willing to offer.

How to bet on Badminton over/under?

Over-under (or over/under) bets are also called as totals betting for a better understanding. It's when the sportsbook or bookmaker will predict a statistical number (usually the total set points) and bettors bet that the actual number in the game would either be over or under that prediction. In simple words, if you bet over, you will be betting that the score will be more than the predicted number/score and if you bet under, you will be betting that the score will be less than the predicted number/score. For over/under and many more different types of betting options like - accumulator bets, pool betting, fixed odds and future betting, download Spin sports!

What is badminton handicap betting?

A Handicap bet is a bet that involves a strong team and a weak team. In this circumstance, bookers use handicap betting to make an event even sportier. One selection in an event is made "handicap" which players must overcome in order to win. In simple words, this type of bet is used in matches where the odds are in favour of a clear winner. Since a badminton match can only result in 2-0 or 2-1, the handicap bet may be fixed at -1.5 for the first player and +1.5 for the second player. If you bet on the first player, he will have to win the match at 2-0 for you to win your bet. Similarly, if you bet on the second player, he will have to win a set for you to win the bet. So how much easier can this get? If you have your heart on a sport, spin it up and join Spin Sports to start your betting adventure!


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