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Win with Volleyball Betting Online

Volleyball is considered something of a niche market in sports betting, which can actually work in your favour. As you learn more about it and are able to place wagers with greater insight, you’ll be able to take advantage of superior odds. Get started, by learning some of the basics of playing and betting on the sport with us.

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Fundamentals of Volleyball

There are 2 categories of Volleyball, depending on where they are played: Beach and Indoor. In both variations, teams compete on opposite sides of a raised net. The ball is hit and kept in the air, and points are earned by grounding it on the opponents’ side of the court. A team can also score points if the other squad commits a fault (an error or illegal action).

Players can use any part of their body to hit the ball, although hands and arms are most common. This can happen up to 3 times before the ball must be returned to the other side of the net, but no individual can touch it twice in a row. Matches usually consist of 5 sets, with the victors being the side that wins the most. The first squad to land 25 points wins a set. If a set ties at 24-24, teams need to win by a 2-point margin.

The biggest differences between the 2 categories are the sizes of the opposing sides, and the court itself. In Beach Volleyball there are just 2 players per team and the sandy playing surface is 8x16 metres, or 8x8 metres on either side of the net. In the Indoor version, there are 6 players per squad and the court measures 9x18 metres in all and 9x9 metres on each side of the net.

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Sports Betting on Volleyball

There are several championships held for this discipline every year, and both formats feature at the Olympics. At our reliable and regulated sportsbook, markets include predicting the winner with Moneyline or Points Spread wagers. You can also put money on a form of Totals Bets, where you need to say whether the number of sets played will be above or below a certain figure.

Proposition bets, such as who will score the most points in a game, are also available. Whatever stakes you decide to place, make sure that you do your betting right here at Spin Sports. We bring you the best odds, fastest payouts and most dazzling bonuses on desktop or mobile, so that you get to win more money!


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