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Great Sports Betting Options On Mobile

Online sports betting has never been simpler, safer, fairer or more enjoyable than it is at Spin Sports. Our mobile platform delivers just the same well-regulated experience, straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Our sportsbook app is quick to download, or you can access the action in your web browser, ensuring you never miss out on an opportunity to wager and win big. We chose software that is optimally compatible with all popular mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows. Now everyone in Europe can enjoy our exceptional wagering options and highly competitive odds.

Diverse Betting Markets

We pride ourselves on the fact that our mobile sportsbook allows you to bet on Rugby, Golf, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and almost anything else you can think of, including the exciting new world of eSports.

You can also put money on who will win an election, and other political wagers, as well as novelty bets. These cover current events, reality television series and sometimes even weather patterns! Research the topics you are most interested in, and use your insights to place shrewd wagers

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Bet Types

At Spin Sports, we offer several different types of bets to our mobile clients. You’ll find options for Fixed Odds, Pool, Parlay, Future, Totals, Propositions, Moneyline, Point Spread, Pre-Game and Live wagers. Take a little time to read through what each of these terms means, before exploring the rest of our tablet- and smartphone-based sportsbook.

Fixed Odds and Pool Bets

As the name suggests, with Fixed Odds you know the exact odds that you will be paid out at, at the time that you place your stake. The odds themselves may change, but your return will not be affected. This is the most common type of sports betting, but you will often see Pool wagers on Horse Racing events. In this case, the odds that you are paid out at change as more bettors join the pool, and you only know what your return will be once betting is closed. All stakes are put into a common pool, which is divided among the winners.

Parlay Bets

Parlays, when more than one wager is on the same ticket, are seen in many other sports but once again are most common in Horse Racing. You are only paid out if every prediction comes true, so the odds are much greater. However, since all of your potential returns are multiplied together, the rewards are also much larger.

Future Wagering

Future sports betting involves putting money on an event that is quite a long while in the future. For example, you might place a wager at the beginning of the Football season, on who will win the FA Cup. Since you don’t have as much information to help you make your decision as you will later in the season, the odds for Futures tend to be more favourable for you.

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Totals Bets

Also called Over/Under bets, these simply involve you saying whether or not the total score at the end of a game will be more or less than a pre-specified number. These are easier than many other stakes, so they’re often recommended to novices.

Proposition Bets

With Prop bets, you are predicting a specific event such as who will score first, or how many goals a particular player will land. Once you’ve been using our sportsbook for a while and have greater insight into players and teams, these can be very lucrative.

Moneyline and Point Spread Bets

Both of these options involve putting money on who you think will win a game. Moneyline options are simple predictions, while Point Spreads involve handicapping the favourite with a negative score and crediting the underdog with a positive score, before the action commences. The idea is to even the playing field and create closer results that are harder to anticipate. As with Propositions, a lot of insight is required, but these can generate serious profits for experienced bettors.

Live and Pre-Game Wagers

In addition to conventional Pre-Game wagering, where you place your stake before the event, we offer live options, where you bet during the game. The live markets allow you to compound your wins or minimise your losses, and add even more thrills to your mobile sports betting.


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