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Golf Betting With the Best Online Sportsbook

Golf has never been more popular than it is right now. Thanks to high profile players, as well as the fact that games are now widely broadcast, it is no longer considered an elite activity. Everyone can watch and play.

The rules of the game are actually quite complex, and our sportsbook offers several different markets throughout the year. When you are deciding what bet to place, remember to consider player rankings, injury reports, recent games and predicted weather conditions.

The design of the Golf course will also have an impact; consider how each athlete handles obstacles such as bunkers. Don’t forget to consider how each individual performs in comparison to their competitors.

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Put Money On Golf Tournaments at Spin Sports

There is no real season for this sport, and 4 big tournaments are held every year. Collectively they are known as The Majors and include the US Open, the US Masters, the British Open (also called the Open Championship) and the PGA Championships.

The Masters is held on the second weekend in April, the PGA Championship on the third weekend in May, the US Open on the third weekend in June and the Open Championship in the week of the third Friday in July. All except the British Open are hosted in the USA.

The Majors all have long histories and are very prestigious, but there are other action-packed events in the golfing world. Many are run by the International Federation of PGA tours, and each one occurs in a different geographical location. The World Championship is another highlight on the calendar.

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Wager To Win in Golf

With our sportsbook, you can bet on who will win each of The Masters, where each player will place, individual matchups and who will make the cut. The matchups involve pairs of players, and all you need to do is say which one you think will finish with a higher score. This is a good way to get into betting on Golf if you’ve never done it before. Making the cut refers to managing to get a certain score, and thus avoid elimination during the final 2 rounds of a tournament.

Often, we also offer more specific Prop Bets, which are great for seasoned experts who are familiar with different golfers. Use your insights to predict how many majors a player will win, whether there will be a playoff, whether an individual will hit a hole in one, and several other particular events.

Get the best, fairest Golf betting with us, online and on the go and see if you’ve got what it takes to win.


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