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Football Betting On The Beautiful Game

Football, or Soccer as it is known in many countries, is the best-loved sport in the world. This is true whether you are considering how many people like to watch, play or bet on it. Simply put, it seems that people just can’t get enough of the Beautiful Game!

At Spin Sports, our main objective is to offer great odds and markets in all the events our bettors are interested in. That’s why you’ll find so many online and mobile sports betting opportunities for Football on at our sportsbook. Games are played all year round and there are dozens of leagues.

The most exciting associations include the UEFA Champions League and La Liga in Europe, Argentina’s Primera División, the K-League of Korea, the A-League of Japan, Major League Soccer in the USA and South America’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. On top of all this, we cover international matches, and every 4 years we cover the World Cup. If you are interested in sports betting on the beautiful game, you’re definitely in the right place.

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Football Betting Options

In any game you will find some basic wagers; Moneylines, Totals, Goal Lines and Splits. With Moneylines you simply say who will win. Since games often involve very low scores, their Moneyline options have been adapted to include a draw option.

Totals are simply predictions on whether the combined score of both sides will be more or less than a pre-set amount. Goal Lines even the playing field by giving the underdog a point advantage, and the favourite a handicap. Splits are a variation of Goal Lines, where you divide your total stake between 2 close numbers. They’re very useful when you want to hedge your bets.

Propositions, where you are predicting specific events, are also often possible. When you are familiar with how specific players usually behave, these can be incredibly lucrative. You can predict who will score the first goal, how many goals an athlete will land, and even who will be shown a red card and told to leave the field.

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Placing the Right Bet

After you’ve decided what stake you want to place, it’s time for you to choose who you want to back. You need to look at the odds, of course, but there are also several other factors to consider. Look at recent performances of individual athletes, team ladder standings, and injury reports. Where possible, try to find out how various teammates perform together.

You can usually find a lot of expert opinions too, which can be very helpful. Perhaps the most important piece of advice to give to someone who is wagering on Football is to bet with your head, and not with your heart. Fans often show their loyalty to a poorly performing team by putting a lot of money on them. Don’t fall into this trap; you can show support for your favourite while still making shrewd sports betting decisions at our safe, secure and trusted sportsbook.


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