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Get the Best Cricket Betting Odds Online

Cricket has literally been played for centuries; it became really popular in the 1500s, but it was around even before that. International competitions are said to have been held since 1844, and since 1877 they have been officially recorded.

Over the years, the game has been refined several times. People enjoy it around the world, and with Spin Sports anyone in Europe has the opportunity to bet on Test Match, One Day International and Twenty20 Cricket results. The 3 formats differ in length and some specific regulations, but they are all enjoyable to watch and put money on, especially when you do so at Spin Sports.

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Pre-Match Cricket Sports Betting

Pre-Match wagers are placed in advance, before a game begins. Draw/No Draw offers return your stake to you if there is a tie, so they offer a little more security. If you are a novice bettor, these are a perfect starting point.

For tournaments, our sportsbook offers stakes on which team will win each game, as well as who will take the overall title. Over/Under wagers are as popular as they are in most sports and, like Draw/No Draw offers, they’re a particularly good idea if your are new to Cricket betting.

As your confidence grows you can move on from simply predicting the victor, to saying who will be named Top Batsman, Top Bowler and Man of the Match. Be sure to check the batting and bowling statistics of each teammate.

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Live Sports Betting in Cricket

Live or In-Play wagers are placed or adjusted during the game, in real-time responses to what is happening on the pitch. In addition to putting money on who will win and Over/Under bets, you can predict how many runs a player will score, total team runs, total test match session runs, how the next athlete will be dismissed from the field, or how the next wicket will fall.

In-Play stakes allow you to compound your wins or recoup at least some of your losses, but they can be very challenging. You need to be able to think quickly, and make snap decisions. That means doing as much research as possible is even more important than with pre-game sports betting.

However, if you have the nerve to try live wagers we highly recommend that you do so with us! You will quickly develop new insights into the way this sport, and its various markets, work. Ultimately, this will help you to win even bigger payouts, which is what Spin Sports loves!


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