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Basketball Betting

The history of Basketball goes back to 1891, when it was first created by a physical fitness professor named James Naismith. He was based at a college in Massachusetts, and came up with the game as a way of keeping his students fit during the long winters of New England.

Originally the balls were dark brown, and covered in stiches and laces. This made them difficult to see and to dribble with, and over time they were replaced with the smooth, orange balls that are used now.

Basketball has, of course, become incredibly popular and is usually played with 5 teammates to a side. The objective is to shoot the ball through a hoop that the opposing squad is guarding, on a 94x50-feet court. There are 4 quarters of 12 minutes each in a match.

The ball is moved by bouncing it while walking or running. Goals are worth 2 points unless they are shot from behind the three-point line, when they count as 3. The side with the most points at the end of the 4th quarter wins, and overtime is mandated if there is a tie at the end of regular play.

Watching the fast-moving game is always enjoyable, and if you have money riding on the results it can be really exciting. Find the best sports betting opportunities in Europe right here at Spin Sports, on your desktop or mobile device.

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Basketball Around the World

In the USA, the sport is played at school, college and professional levels. The National Basketball Association (NBA) season runs for 6 months, starting around October. There are also many other leagues around the globe, meaning you can always find a game to put money on. Some of the most impressive performances come from players in the EuroLeague, Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga, the National Basketball League of Australia, and teams in Canada, Argentina, Brazil and other nations.

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Sports Betting Options

At Spin Sports sportsbook you can bet on any league’s regular standings, as well as the overall winners of the NBA Playoffs and Finals, or any other championships and competitions. Specific wagers on who will get certain awards at the end of the regular season, such as Most Valuable Player and Coach of the Year, are also possible.

For individual games, you can predict who will win (Moneyline Bets) and whether the combined final score will be over or under a specific amount (Totals). Propositions, where you make specific bets such as who will score the first goal, can help you win sizable payouts once you’ve gotten familiar with the players.

As always, it’s crucial to do as much research as possible before you place any wager. Check recent performances, injuries and transfers, along with current rivalries and the opinions of insiders and experts. This is especially important for Point Spread Betting, where points are added to and deducted from the underdogs and the favourites, respectively. The field is more even, so you really need to have insight into what the athletes are going to do.

Get the best odds with us, and enjoy a safe, secure and trusted wagering experience with every slam dunk.


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