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Bandy Betting Online

Bandy is the second-most participated and watched winter sport in the world. With elements of Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Football, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy it. The International Olympic Committee has commented that there are no plans to include the game in future Olympics, but there are plenty of other events for you to watch. Of course, you can find the best sports betting markets and odds right here at Spin Sports on desktop or mobile.

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The Basics of Bandy

The origin of the sport is debated, and it may have originated in England, Holland or Russia. Football and Hockey have influenced its development, and it has influenced them in turn. Traditional events are played on ice surfaces the size of Football pitches, much like Ice Hockey. Similarly to Field Hockey, bowed sticks and a small ball are used.

Games are played in 2 halves of 45 minutes each, with 11 players on each team. As in all forms of Hockey, the objective is to land a ball in the opposing team’s goal, which is guarded by a goalkeeper. Teams can try to regain control of the ball by tackling opponents or intercepting passes.

Over time, a variation called Rink Bandy has developed. This follows the same rules as the original games, but there are just 5 or 6 athletes a side and the field is the size of a conventional Ice Hockey rink.

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Sports Betting on Bandy

Various countries host Bandy Leagues, but the most established is probably the Swedish Elitserien. This is a great place to start wagering, and once you feel comfortable you can move on to other events. The regular season begins in late October, and each of the League’s 14 teams plays 26 games.

The top 8 teams go through to the semi-finals, and from there the winners are determined through a series of knockout matches. The 2 squads that finish at the bottom of the League compete against the top 2 sides of the second division, called the Allsvenskan, in a relegation round robin tournament. The 2 squads that finish highest participate in the Elitserien the following year.

You need to consider past performances, injury reports, experts opinions and the odds on each side as you decide on the bets you want to place. With Spin Sports, you can usually place Totals, as well as Straight Bets on who will win.

The influence of Football is seen again in the fact that Points Spread wagers are also common. These can be very lucrative, and require serious insight into each team.

If you’re ready to place a wager at our well-regulated, reliable sportsbook, give Bandy a try. A big win could be coming your way.


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