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Exciting American Football Bets

American Football is divided into the professional National Football League (NFL) and university-based National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) and at Spin Sports we offer great sports betting opportunities for both.

The season only lasts for the last 4 months of the year, which can be a challenge for league bettors who are trying to get a sense of how teams perform. On top of that, each of the NFL’s 32 teams play only 16 games (8 home and 8 away). Teams in the NCAAF play just 12, but there are more than 100 college squads so you’ll have more chances wager and win at our sportsbook.

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Deciding Who to Back

With any kind of sports betting, researching your prospects is absolutely essential. For American Football, you should look at injury reports, league standings and how teammates tend to interact with each other.

Knowing how athletes work together during a match can be especially useful for live wagers. If someone gets a red card and is taken off the field, their replacement can change team dynamics so much that they start winning if they were losing or vice versa. Having an understanding of this can help you adjust your stakes accordingly and you’ll always find great odds at our online and mobile sportsbook.

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A Great Selection of Markets

American Football is thrilling to watch, and with so many different markets it is just as exciting to bet on. The simplest option is a Straight Bet, where you simply predict who you think is going to win. Over/Under wagers are also quite straightforward. Here, you just need to say whether the total score of both teams will be over or under a certain amount.

Reverse Bets also have good odds, because you just need to predict who will finish first and second in the NFL – the order doesn’t matter. The same can be said for If Bets, where a second wager is triggered only if you win an initial one. Breaking the stake into 2 parts reduces the risk.

The classic American Football wager is the Point Spread. Here, the underdog is given extra points so that they start off with an advantage. The favourite begins with a negative points balance. This means that the final outcome may be different than what you see on the field. The idea is to give the teams more equal chances of winning, and this is where insight into the teams and individual athletes becomes really important.

As you develop your insights, you can place accumulators, which involve several single bets on the same ticket. The odds are multiplied together and they all have to win for you to be paid out, so the risk is much greater. However, so are the rewards, because all returns are multiplied together.

Propositions, where you bet on specific events, such as who will score the first goal, are also great options once you’ve gained some experience. Enjoy learning more about American Football, as you watch and put money on different events with us here at Spin Sports – the most trusted and reliable sportsbook online.


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