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Spin Sports Online Sportsbook

Spin Sports brings you the most comprehensive sportsbook in Canada. Whether you want to bet on an upcoming NHL match, the Wimbledon Finals, the Super Bowl or the Dota 2 International, we have the widest range of sports with the best odds online and on mobile. We are also safe, fair and regulated so you can wager with us with confidence.

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Also known as Soccer, Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and one of the easiest to bet on. We offer a wide range of markets, with everything from Match bets to Handicaps, Props and Outrights. Bet on Major League Soccer, the English Premier League or any of the top European leagues and tournaments.


Tennis is a great sport both for watching and for betting on the outcome. Played individually and as doubles, the game offers up plenty of action from start to finish. At Spin Sports we give you the opportunity to bet on local and international tournaments, including the 4 Grand Slams with Match and Set, Moneyline, Outright and Tournament betting.


Basketball is something that no true Canadian sports fan needs an introduction to. This iconic game is a main feature in North America with the NBA providing the bulk of the sports betting action. We offer a huge range of markets on the NBA, as well as many of the overseas leagues. This includes Moneyline, Handicap, Over/Under, Prop bets and more.

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American Football

American Football may not be a Canadian sport, but it certainly does offer great betting opportunities for all fans. The NFL is responsible for the majority of wagering opportunities online, with over 30 different markets on every game. At Spin Sports you can also place Outright bets on the season, predicting the division winner, the conference winner and the Championship winner.


Cricket is a classic British gentleman’s game that was adopted into Canadian culture many years ago. With Spin Sports, you can bet on all the biggest games from around the world, whether it be a major test match, One Day Internationals or a T20 Tournaments. We offer great odds and a huge range of markets on tournaments like the Ashes Test, the Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League.


Baseball is a team sport that requires intense team strategy and individual brilliance to win a game. Being one of the most popular sports in Canada, it offers up huge entertainment and great betting opportunities. While we do offer bets on overseas games and leagues, most of the focus is on the MLB, where you can find a huge range of markets and great odds on every game.


Electronic Sports, or esports, is the fastest growing market in Canada. While you may be putting money on competitive video gaming, the gameplay is just as exciting as a major Football tournament. At Spin Sports you can bet on all the biggest games and tournaments, including games like Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft 2 and Call of Duty.


Boxing is a traditional contact sport with a rich history and a global following. If there is a major bout on the cards, you can be sure we will offer you the most competitive prices on the event. We cover all the biggest local and overseas events, with plenty of markets to choose from and you’ll find Moneyline, Method Of Winning and Round betting.


Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is one of the most exciting contact sports in the world. Combining aspects of boxing, wrestling and kickboxing, it offers up jaw-dropping action and great betting opportunities. At our sportsbook you can bet on all the biggest UFC events including the popular Fight Nights and international bouts. Moneyline, Method Of Winning, Number Of Rounds and Timed Round Ending bets are all readily available.

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Ice Hockey
Try your luck and get on the ice!
American Football
A proud favourite of North America.
The best odds Guaranteed: Slam Dunk!
Hit a Home-Run with our Baseball markets.
Fast and easy bets on international leagues.
Serving sensational odds on a variety of markets.
A game for gentlemen, wins for everyone!
All the very best of esports at Spin Sports!


Golf used to be a niche sport with low viewership, but that has all changed. Today, a major Golf championship attracts thousands of spectators to the course, while millions watch the live broadcast. It also offers great sports betting opportunities where you can bet on day scores, individual holes, head-to-head and championship winners.


Volleyball is an excellent sport to watch for its team dynamics and fast-paced action. With our sportsbook you can bet on all the biggest international tournaments, leagues and games. This includes the World Championships, the Olympics and Everything in between.


Rugby is a popular sport in Canada and other Commonwealth countries. If you are keen on the game, we offer great odds and a huge range of markets on all the biggest Rugby events. This includes the Rugby World Cup held every 4 years, the European Tours, the Currie Cup, the Challenge Cup and more.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a sport that needs no introduction. The only thing you need to know is that we offer the widest range of markets on all the NHL games, with excellent odds for both novices and experienced punters and a selection of Moneyline, Puck Lines and Prop bets.


While not as popular as Ice Hockey, Bandy is a great alternative for sports fans to watch and bet on the results. We provide markets on major Bandy leagues and tournaments in North America and globally, ensuring everyone can enjoy this fast-paced, fun sport.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are hyper-realistic, immersive computer simulations of the most popular sporting events. With virtual sports, bettors can place wagers on a compelling range of virtual betting markets 24/7. Each market – virtual soccer, virtual greyhound racing, virtual horse racing – has a different event every three minutes, no matter what the weather. What’s more, unlike conventional sports, the virtual sports season never ends, so bettors have many more chances to potentially win all year round.


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