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Soccer Striker at Spin Sports

In the past, fans of sports betting and casino games often had to settle for playing and betting at different online destinations, but as time went on, more and more brands began to merge the two together, offering punters the option of switching between a sportsbook and a casino with the click or tap of a button. This made perfect sense, because if one had to wait for the results of a certain game or match to come out, they could pop on over to the online casino and play a few games, such as slots or table games. Now, with the introduction of a fun and exciting instant game at Spin Sports, called Soccer Striker, bettors can pass the time without having to leave the sportsbook at all! What’s more, the game boasts some incredible winning potential too, making for a well-rounded gaming experience at Spin Sports, every time.

Soccer Striker
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What is an Instant Game?

When we talk about an instant game, we refer to one in which a player can see instantly whether or not they have won anything. While slots, for example, can be played quite quickly, one still has to wait for the reels to finish spinning before they can see the outcome. With table games, the process is even more involved, because each game usually comprises at least a few rounds. Instant games, on the other hand, can be played quickly, with results given immediately. A popular example would be a scratch card, whether online or in real life. Soccer Striker works in a very similar fashion (minus the scratching). Players choose a difficulty level, place a bet, play a round and instantly see whether or not they’ve won something. This kind of game is ideal for someone who isn’t interested in getting overly involved or reading through (often very complex) paytables. Below, we delve into more detail about what Soccer Striker is, and what makes it such an ideal game for fans of sports and casino games alike.

Game Structure

Soccer Striker is an incredibly basic game to play, and we mean that in the positive sense. Instant games are designed to be straightforward, with no frills or fuss. On the left hand side of the screen is a tower with 9 levels, each one denoting a payout value, which will change depending on the size of the bets placed. Tier 9 is the highest paying section, and holds the key to the game’s Jackpot amount. On the right hand side of the screen is a goalie, with the entire point of the game being to score goals by flicking/kicking a ball past the goalie and into the goal. Players will first be able to select a difficulty level, from Easy or Medium to Difficult, and the colour of the goalie’s shirt will change depending on the selected difficulty level (green for easy, orange for medium and red for difficult.)

How to Play Soccer Striker

To actually play the game, players simply need to try and get the ball past the goalie. Three arrows will be shown on the screen, and selecting one will see the ball being ‘kicked’ towards the goal. The goalie will then jump to try and stop the ball, either managing or failing. With each consecutive goal scored, the payout amount will increase to the next tier of the tower. Plus, the associated Multipliers will increase depending on the difficulty level of the game. It’s important to know that the difficulty level of the game cannot be changed until that particular round is over, so be sure to choose wisely. Much like a gameshow, players have the choice to cash out any winning they have, or risk taking another shot at the goal – however, if they miss the next shot, those accumulated winnings will be lost, and the game will have to start again. Understandably, then, the player will have to hit at least 9 consecutive successful shots in order to get that Jackpot amount.

Why Play Soccer Striker?

We recommend Soccer Striker to fans of sports betting and casino games, because it seems to scratch the itches of both parties. On the one hand, it has a theme that fits in perfectly with Spin Sports, while at the same time being entertaining enough to appeal to players of instant games like scratch cards or online gameshow-style games. This is the first instant game of its type to be featured at Spin Sports, and we’re confident that players will enjoy it. Sometimes it can be frustrating, having to wait for a real sports game to play out before the results come in, whether it’s hockey betting or golf, and unless there are other fixtures or matches happening at the same time that one can partake in, the time can be quite idle. Soccer Striker serves as an ideal way to spend some time and potentially win some extra cash with which to place on other sports fixtures.

What Else is On?

There is much to explore and see at Spin Sports. This online sportsbook was established in 2017, as an addition to Spin Casino, which was established in 2001 and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and externally audited by eCOGRA. Spin Sports offers a massive range of different markets, including such popular choices as Win/Draw/Win, MoneyLine and more. There are also plenty of different odds, from Fractional to Decimal. When it comes to the sports that are covered at Spin Sports, these include everything from football and cricket to soccer, boxing and golf. There are even numerous hockey betting options to partake in. In-Play betting allows players to add extra bets to a game that is already in play, giving them a greater sense of control of their gaming experience. Now, thanks to the inclusion of instant games like Soccer Striker, players can get their sports and casino game action on in more than one way!


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