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Boxing Betting at Spin Sports

Boxing is the original contact sport that is as entertaining to watch, as it is to bet on.

The sport has been around for centuries, and has been included in the Olympic line-up since its inception in 1904. Like all contact sports, it requires a keen sense of body awareness, speed, agility, strength and skill to win a round or a match. Often the person punching the hardest is not the one who wins.

It is an intense sport that sees both contenders move around the ring ready to strike at lightning speed. At our sportsbook you can bet on which boxer will emerge victorious, and for added convenience, you can even place wagers from your mobile, while on the go.

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Great Odds Guaranteed

It is not difficult to see why Boxing has become one of the top sports betting markets online. Each match brings in thousands of bets from keen enthusiasts who watch the action via live stream or broadcast. Some of the biggest events take on a global presence, where millions of viewers from around the globe will be glued to their seats as the heavyweight champions do battle for the world title.

At Spin Sports, we offer Boxing betting at its best. Within our secure and well-regulated betting environment you can place bets on all the biggest matches, local bouts and more for every single weight category. We also give you the best odds and the widest range of markets.

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Placing Your Boxing Bets

In addition to predicting the winner, we allow you to bet on how a fight will end (Knockout, TKO or Decision), whether the fight will end on an odd- or even-numbered round, whether the referee will deduct points from either of the contestants, and other specific Prop bets.

You can also place Over/Under (Totals) wagers, which are a great place for beginning bettors to start off with. They work a little differently than they do in other sports; instead of saying whether the final combined score will be over or under a particular figure, you need say whether the match will end before or after a certain round.

As you gain more experience, your Boxing sports betting skills will improve. When you feel ready for a new challenge you can try out Accumulators, where all your predictions are made on the same slip. Odds are multiplied together and you are only paid out if you win every bet, so the risk is much higher. Luckily your potential payouts are also multiplied, so the rewards are a lot bigger too!


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