Virtual Sports – A New Way To Play!

06 May 2020

Although stadiums around the world are currently empty, sports fans looking for events to bet on need not look too far – there’s a new game in town, or rather a whole new type of online sportsbook. Virtual sports are taking the world by storm with a compelling offering that allows customers to bet on a vast array of simulated sports events without any need for specialist sports knowledge for a combination of life-like entertainment and betting opportunities. Virtual sports include all the major categories from football to motor sports and the format is designed to offer sports fans more chances to win than traditional sports events. That’s because virtual sports events take place much more quickly than traditional sports events, which means many more chances to bet in the time it would take a traditional event to finish. Intrigued? Read on!

Virtual sports betting brings football to life Source:jeffersonassilva

What Are Virtual Sports?

Inspired by real sporting events, virtual sports are simulations of sporting events that bookmakers provide for customers to bet on.

Virtual sports events take place at scheduled times and the bookmakers provide the odds for different outcomes before the events begin.

 A virtual sports event is not based on a match-up between players or participants existing in real life – it’s entirely generated by computer software.  Once the software runs the numbers and generates the event, customers view a visual representation – a virtual recording, if you like – of what happened.

Leading virtual sports providers include companies like SBTech, PlayTech, Kiron, NSoft, Global Bet, BetFair, 1xbet, bet9ja, Kiron, Golden Race, Leap Gaming, 1×2 Gaming and Betradar. They use technology that combines 3D graphics, animations and pre-recorded events to stream hyper-realistic sports events to the customer’s screen. The software is specially programmed to ensure that the simulations are based on the actual rules of the sport in question. This ensures that virtual sports events are satisfyingly realistic. Also, customers can draw on their knowledge of real sports to understand how the games work and what they should think about when betting on the outcomes of virtual sports events.

It’s important to understand that these outcomes are randomly determined by the software. The use of algorithms and random number generators guarantees that the results are fair and transparent. From a betting perspective, this puts virtual sports in a position between traditional bet sports and casino games.

Discover virtual sports horse racing for potential chances to winSource:babikulesi

Ultra-realistic entertainment

Customers have a multitude of virtual sports to choose from, including football, horse racing, greyhound racing, motor racing, boxing, speedway, cycling, tennis, basketball and even virtual darts.

A realistic and immersive experience is essential to keep virtual sports customers interested, and football probably represents the cutting edge of realism in virtual sports today. The experience is very similar in quality to well-known online virtual games like FIFA and NBA. Typically, the camera angles, the commentary and the on-field action itself are all completely true to life. Action-replay sequences vividly bring the highlights of the game to life, while the reactions of the crowd, coaches, referee, linesmen and officials are also faithful to reality. The arenas, stadiums, teams and players are based on real-life venues and personalities.

When it comes to racing, customers are spoilt for choice with a variety of virtual track events served up in glorious 3D. Horse racing and greyhound racing are popular choices and game developers strive to satisfy customers with lively commentary, 360-degree photo-realistic views, hi-end motion capture and more, to recreate the excitement of a day at the races.

To give an idea of the sheer innovation and creativity that is going into virtual sports, take a look at PlayTech’s Virtual Tennis offering. They formed a partnership with Warner Bros. Studios and installed over 100 cameras on the film company’s largest film stages over a period of three weeks to capture the best possible images to use in their video tennis recreations. The results are so realistic that you can even see the fabric on the players’ shirts as they reach out to hit the ball.

The length of a virtual sports event will vary according to the type of sport. A virtual football or basketball game will only include the important parts – the chances to score, the penalties, the goals, and so on. Longer races like cycling will typically zoom in on the last few laps. Sports like virtual horse racing and speedway will usually take in the whole race.

Virtual sports betting

Virtual sports betting has a number of advantages that recommends it to the customer. First, virtual sports offer players more opportunities to bet combined with a new entertainment experience. Because players can place wagers on multiple events, they can bet at any time of day that is suitable for them – and they don’t have to sit through 90 minutes of play to find out the outcome of a virtual football match, for example. Instead, they can bet on a new football match – and have their bet settled – every 3 minutes.

A second important advantage is that betting on virtual sports is easy enough for anyone who is over 18 and wants to play. Customers don’t need to have specialised knowledge or up-to-date insight into how a particular team, horse or dog has been performing in order to place a bet. Remember, the outcomes are completely random! This makes virtual sports a particularly good training ground for beginners to learn the ropes of sports betting before trying their hand on anticipating the outcomes of real-life events.

More experienced players will be glad to know that the betting markets and statistics for virtual sports are largely the same as their real-life counterparts. In virtual football, for example, the betting markets include traditional choices such as total goals, half-time/full-time, correct score and handicaps. Similarly, the traditional betting options such as first place, exacta, trifecta and others apply.

Overall, with virtual sports betting, players can access a much wider variety of sports at convenient times and complete wagers in a much shorter time, mobile or online. The frequency and fun factor means that virtual sports has a big cross-over appeal – a new entertainment experience for players of casino games and a fun alternative for traditional sports bets fans.

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