The Real Cost Of Raising A Top Athlete

21 February 2020

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Do you ever watch the Olympic games in admiration but as equally masked in envy thinking that it could have been you? Well, you’re definitely not the only one. Serena Williams revealed in 2017 that she practices on the tennis court for three hours with another two hours spent in the gym. The 23-time Grand Slam winner clearly illustrated that those wins cannot be accounted to luck- that luck can rather be saved for a game on Spin Sports on your winning day.

While the idea of being a professional athlete seems charming, the reality requires devious hard-work and perseverance for the benefits it comes with. Top football players like Lionel Messi have an estimated net worth of 400 million dollars and counting. To reach that aptitude, a lot of expenses are required. An average cost for major sports such as boxing, tennis, jokey, American football range from £17k to £45k while golf and formula 1 go as high as £600k. Below we will be looking at the cost of raising some pro-athletes compared to other careers.

Olympic Swimmer

It takes more than just being a good swimmer to make it to the Olympics. Like any professional sports- time, practice, and costs are an expected investment. In the case of swimming, 10 000 hours must be put aside for training in this intense sport. There are 15 events to compete in at the Olympics. The four different strokes include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, but of course, you may already know this an aspiring or professional swimmer. What you may not know is how expensive it can get to enrol through all the required training for an Olympic swimmer. Aside from training, special equipment, travel and healthcare add to the high costs involved in the profession. This includes a weekly physio amounting to £100 and another £100 for gym membership a month. This makes it extremely vital to acquire sponsorships, as the costs can be straining if afforded at all.

Professional training alone can be expected to demand a sum of £27k, while an annual cost of swimsuits and goggle require £250. That could mean bidding farewell to on-trend clothing and takeouts and even more but could be all worth the results.

Swimming; Spin Sports BlogSource: PhotoMIX-Company, Pixabay

Basketball player

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America. Besides the Super Bowl gluing sports enthusiasts to the screens once a year, the NBA league consistently keeps watchers entertained weekly, while remarkably rewarding the players. An NBA star can earn about a whopping £5,000,000 per year. Whether that’s with or without taxes, it’s a lot of money to do away with.

College remains the top reliance most players get noticed. Scholarships may ease the weight of all the profession requires, but not acquiring a scholarship can be a great burden. Basketball programmes like the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) aim to aid players by offering affordable alternatives for training and development. Although a six-year membership will cost £7,500, the initiative remains a profitable tool for a player to reach star standard. Other costs include just over £1k for equipment, £4k worth of travel, £60 for a session of full body massage and weekly physio at £100.

Ice Hockey

It takes playing in the Minor League to head over as a professional hockey player. It totals £18k to play in the Greater Toronto team should making it in Canada be in your horizon. With an average professional player earns £2 million, it may console the total cost of £25k for four years that would acquire from gas, hotels, equipment and healthcare.

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Finding out how much your favourite soccer player earns can give you pain in the chest. But to get to the top, you have to start from the bottom and that often means investing all that you can in that soccer career. Raising a soccer player can bring great pride. With a lot of trips to the games every week, that calls for preparations for finances involved. While training expenses can total over £6k, transport expenses make up the majority of the costs with an expected £10,000 and upwards.

A monthly physio visit will demand £100, while the soccer equipment sums at £4k for ten years. There is light at the end of this tunnel though, as all that requires much, pays even more. The average salary for a professional stands at £825,000, and that may be all the motivation needed to continue through the journey of raising a soccer player.

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